College & Career

Choosing between going to college and starting a career right after high school can be a difficult decision for teens to make. At The CLUB, we help teens realize their options and explore a variety of careers and schools to see how they fit a person’s unique talents and work habits. 

Junior Staff 

Club members ages 13 to 18 can explore careers in youth or human services, particularly Boys & Girls Club work, through our Junior Staff program. They will partake in career development activities, discover the importance of community service, build customer service skills and complete a Club apprenticeship. This program helps teens develop interpersonal skills, work ethic and a sense of community responsibility.

College Prep 

From community college to a four-year state university or specialty school, we help teens in preparing for their next step. We assist students in searching for the right school that matches their needs and personality, preparing for the transition into college as well as navigating scholarships, grants and financial aid.

ACT Readiness

Every student’s study habits are different, and The CLUB will work individually with teens to prepare them for standardized tests, including the ACT.

Future So Bright

Teens at The CLUB explore future career options with guidance from our mentors and programs. Our programs, such as CareerLaunch, assess their skills and interests and help prepare them for entering the workforce. 

Money Matters

Through our Money Matters program, teens can develop smart spending habits and learn about saving for their short-term and long-term goals. We provide a number of activities and exercises that help participants prepare for their financial futures.