The Club

Here at the Club, you can make new friends, spend time with existing friends, and have fun in a safe and supportive environment. 

Just as importantly, you can build new skills that will help you throughout your life!

What We Do

We offer programs that help with everything from daily homework to applying to college and finding scholarships and job opportunities. Stop by the Club to take a tour, meet some of our incredible team members, and get details about how to become a member. 

Academic Success

We know that education is the key that opens doors to possibilities. With this in mind, we provide academic mentorship and enrichment activities. Our goal is to promote skill building, a life-long love of learning and confidence all in a supportive environment. Daily, staff work with members to inspire them to reach their full potential, graduate from high school and have a solid plan for the future. 

From homework assistance to creative academic activities, we help teens in the areas in which they are studying and in which they are interested. Whether it’s science, technology or art, teens can come to the the Club to learn and get help reaching their goal of graduation.

College & Career

At the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Central Kansas, teens can realize their options after high school and explore a variety of careers and schools.

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Teens can develop leadership skills by participating in one of our many leadership programs at the Club. Our programs allow them to use their voices and talents to make change and advocate for smart decision-making at the Club and in our community. They’re also able to plan and coordinate events, volunteer and more. 

Health & Wellness

Teens and young adults are able to find a balance between their mental and physical health at the Club. We provide a number of activities and exercises that teach teens how to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and learn positive social and emotional outlets for their peace of mind.