Girl working on a circuit projectScience & Technology 

Through our Science & Technology program, Club members have a safe environment where they are exposed to the fundamental principles of science and technology while experiencing fun and engaging activities. 

Each day, participants will experience a brief presentation, class lab or group lab followed by explorative activities. At our Discovery Stations, members can choose from a variety of STEM activities, and these stations can be used by groups or individual members. 

Youth involved in this program are able to grow their curiosity, awareness, career exploration, confidence and team building skills. They will also develop problem solving and analytical thinking skills through puzzles, math-based activities and much more.

Science & Technology Instructor Bio

Name: Willie Willis
Employer: Boys & Girls Clubs of South Central Kansas
Title: Science & Technology Coordinator
Years Employed:  12
Education: BS, MS Electrical Engineering, Wichita State University, Thesis: Laser Ion Production for an Electric Rocket Engine - Graduated with honors.
Mr. Willis is a member of the Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Society.