Street sign (21st and Opportunity Drive)Staying Safe During Severe Weather

Our management team will monitor the weather if conditions are expected to turn severe during after-school program hours. Updates will be shared throughout the day, if needed. All Clubs have weather radios to notify them of thunderstorm and tornado warnings. When a warning is issued for any geographic of Wichita, our Clubs will take shelter. 

If a tornado warning is issued during the after-school program for our community, several things will happen to keep members safe:

  • If during the ASP, all members and staff will immediately take cover in a designated shelter area (see Shelter Procedures below).     
  • If before the ASP (during transit to the Club) while students are riding a Boys & Girls Club bus, drivers will immediately be directed to take shelter at the nearest elementary school. Other non-school locations may be used if necessary and appropriate. 

Shelter Procedures 

All occupants in the club – students, staff and any visitors – will be directed to a designated shelter area if a tornado warning is issued. When members are sheltered in a safe room, parents/guardians will not be able to pick them up until the all-clear has been given. 

Is the Club closed today?

Notice of all closures or delays due to weather is posted on the BGC home page. 

In addition to our website, please note our Clubs follow suit with USD 259 (Opportunity Drive Club) and USD 260 (Oaklawn). If the respective school districts are closed for inclement weather, our Clubs will also be closed.